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Compass Chiropractic appreciates the significance of the spine and its many facets. We are dedicated to helping people in the relief of pain and above all in the restoration of good health. We strive to convert people’s outlook of health, from sick care to wellness care. The Science of Chiropractic goes beyond treating symptoms, it helps one to obtain and sustain their utmost health through manipulation, rehabilitation, proper nutrition and pro-active education.


Spine & Nerve Rehabilitation

In some instances, the repair of damaged nerves requires surgery, but chiropractic spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) has proven useful in the reduction of symptoms related to neuropathy. (Click here to learn more from the National Library of Medicine.)


Auto & Work Injuries

The intensity of chronic neck pain has been shown to be reduced by Chiropractic treatments. (Click here for a study found on ACP Journal Club Archives featured by the American Chiropractic Association.)


Pregnancy Pain

It has been reported that Chiropractic care has helped alleviate the severity of pain and improved outcomes of pregnancy-related low back pain. (Click here to see a review of studies found at Scientific Direct.)


Headaches & Migraines

Chiropractic spinal manipulation (SMT) has been shown to help tension headaches and migraines, particularly stress-related migraines. (Click here to learn more from the National Library of Medicine.)


Sports Injuries

Chiropractic care in conjunction with usual medical care was shown to enhance perceived improvement and decrease pain medication use in active-duty US military personnel. (Click here to see the study found on the JAMA Network.)


Pediatric Pain

Pediatric patients with low back pain have experienced significant improvement when managed by Chiropractic treatments. (Click here to see an evaluation of studies found at PubMed.)


Chronic Pain Management

Research has shown that Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Therapy (SMT) has a significant impact on relieving pain associated to the spine and other joints of the body over other non-invasive treatments. (Click here to learn more from a study found at Science Direct.)


Soft Tissue Treatments

A review published in 2006 of patients suffering from tennis elbow revealed more favorable, longer lasting outcomes from physical manipulation compared to corticosteroid treatments. (Click here to see the study found at The British Medical Journal.)



Some studies have shown that allergy and asthma patients have experienced positive responses from the application of Chiropractic treatments. (Click here for an evaluation of studies found at Science Direct.)

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